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Joshua S. Las Vegas, NV
Melany W. San Jose, CA
Esteban C. Miami, FL
Tara S. New York, NY
The slicer project
5 / 24
Metamovies reworked
28 / 31
Fast Pizza redesign
25 / 39

Call Danny at Colby's

Today - 11:30am

Meeting with Alice

Today - 01:00pm

Answer Annie's message

Today - 01:45pm

Send new campaign

Today - 02:30pm

Project review

Today - 03:30pm

Call Trisha Jackson

Today - 05:00pm

Write proposal for Don

Today - 06:00pm

Progress Bars

Huro provides a very versatile progress bar component that can be used almost anywhere, across a wide variety of layouts. 3 size modifier classes are available: .is-small, .is-smaller and .is-tiny.

65% 90% 31% 15%

      <progress class="progress is-primary is-tiny" value="65" max="100">65%</progress>
      <progress class="progress is-primary is-smaller" value="90" max="100">90%</progress>
      <progress class="progress is-primary is-small" value="31" max="100">31%</progress>
      <progress class="progress is-primary" value="15" max="100">15%</progress>

Progress Bars

Huro progress bars can also have different colors. Available modifier classes are: .is-primary, .is-success .is-info, .is-warning, and .is-danger.

70% 55% 45% 60% 38%

      <progress class="progress is-primary is-tiny" value="70" max="100">70%</progress>
      <progress class="progress is-success is-tiny" value="55" max="100">55%</progress>
      <progress class="progress is-info is-tiny" value="45" max="100">45%</progress>
      <progress class="progress is-warning is-tiny" value="60" max="100">60%</progress>
      <progress class="progress is-danger is-tiny" value="38" max="100">38%</progress>

Indeterminate Progress

In some particular use cases, you might want to show an undetermined progress. If you want your progress bars to show an undetermined state, you just need to omit the value="" attribute. The CSS will take care of the rest.

70% 55% 45% 60% 38%

      <progress class="progress is-primary is-tiny"  max="100">70%</progress>
      <progress class="progress is-success is-tiny" max="100">55%</progress>
      <progress class="progress is-info is-tiny" max="100">45%</progress>
      <progress class="progress is-warning is-tiny" max="100">60%</progress>
      <progress class="progress is-danger is-tiny" max="100">38%</progress>