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Joshua S. Las Vegas, NV
Melany W. San Jose, CA
Esteban C. Miami, FL
Tara S. New York, NY
The slicer project
5 / 24
Metamovies reworked
28 / 31
Fast Pizza redesign
25 / 39

Call Danny at Colby's

Today - 11:30am

Meeting with Alice

Today - 01:00pm

Answer Annie's message

Today - 01:45pm

Send new campaign

Today - 02:30pm

Project review

Today - 03:30pm

Call Trisha Jackson

Today - 05:00pm

Write proposal for Don

Today - 06:00pm

Theme Colors

Huro uses predefined SCSS color variables that you can use if you are using the gulp project or another setup that includes Sass compilation. SCSS variables are very helpful, as you only need to change the variable value to be able to change a color accross the hole theme. Also, please note that $accent variable is never directly used. It acts as counterpart of the $primary color when you turn the dark mode on.

$primary #37105ff
$accent #797bf2
$info #039BE5
$success #06d6a0
$warning #faae42
$danger #e62965
$h-purple #8269B2
$h-blue #37C3FF
$h-green #93E088
$h-orange #FFA981
$h-red #F92B60
$h-yellow #FFD66E
$fade-grey #ededed
$dark-text #283252
$light-text #a2a5b9
$muted-grey #999
$placeholder #cecece
$dark-sidebar #232326