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Joshua S. Las Vegas, NV
Melany W. San Jose, CA
Esteban C. Miami, FL
Tara S. New York, NY
The slicer project
5 / 24
Metamovies reworked
28 / 31
Fast Pizza redesign
25 / 39

Call Danny at Colby's

Today - 11:30am

Meeting with Alice

Today - 01:00pm

Answer Annie's message

Today - 01:45pm

Send new campaign

Today - 02:30pm

Project review

Today - 03:30pm

Call Trisha Jackson

Today - 05:00pm

Write proposal for Don

Today - 06:00pm

Jason G. has invited you to the Banking Solution Website project.

Message from Jason

Hey Erik, It would be really cool if you could give us a hand on this project. There are a lot of tasks popping out every day and I feel the team is getting a bit overwhelmed. We'd love to have you board.


And 5 others are already members of this project

Additional Instructions

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Project Summary

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UI Review

Please review the latest wireframs the team has provided.


Please schedule a meeting with the team so they can ramp you up.